Ending Homelessness in Michigan

Karen Holcomb-Merrill

This week I attended my first meeting with the Michigan Campaign to End Homelessness.   This is not a new initiative,  but the League is new to the Campaign’s State Implementation Group.

Being a part of this Campaign seems like a natural fit for the League as we work to help vulnerable families and populations around the state.  I went into the meeting knowing little about the Campaign, but learned a lot.

There are more than 86,000 homeless people in Michigan, the size of a large city.  Over one-third of the homeless are working poor and nearly 60 percent are female heads of households.

I didn’t know that Michigan is the only state addressing homelessness on a statewide basis.  Every community in our state has a 10-year plan to end homelessness.  These local efforts are coordinated and supported at the state level.

The Campaign’s goal is to end homelessness by 2016.  Certainly a formidable goal.  But I’m learning that there are lots of folks in communities working diligently on this goal.  They include service agencies, faith-based organizations, government entities, local leaders and business leaders.

If you go to the Campaign’s website, you can find the 10-year plan to end homelessness for your community.  I hope you’ll take a look.  In the end, no one should have to sleep on the streets, in a box or in a car.


One Response to Ending Homelessness in Michigan

  1. Jeff Padden says:

    Karen –

    Thanks for the cogent comments about the problem of homelessness in Michigan and our state’s ambitious response to it. The problem is something that affets all Michiganians and the effort to address is is something we can all be proud of. As one of the helpers of the campaign, I thank you and the MLHS for becoming a part of it. You are already making an important contribution.

    Jeff Padden
    Public Policy Associates, Inc.

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