While you’re at the parade…

Judy Putnam

Thursday, we posted a blog urging people to tell their U.S. representatives how important extending unemployment insurance is for the thousands in Michigan about to lose benefits.

The U.S. House later that day voted to extend the benefits. Michigan’s Democrats all supported the extension as did four GOP representatives – Vern Ehlers, Fred Upton, Mike Rogers and Thad McCotter. (The rest voted no except for Peter Hoekstra, who did not vote.) The League this week sent letters thanking the four Republicans for joining the Democrats in understanding how important these benefits are to Michigan families struggling in this recession.

 The Senate is expected to act on the extensions when it returns from the Fourth of July holiday. Jobless workers will see their benefits disrupted, though they are likely to be restored when the Senate votes. (Sens. Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin support the extension.)

Please thank the members of the delegation who support this! And when you see them at the Fourth of July parades or elsewhere, please tell them that Michigan needs fiscal relief in the form of enhanced Medicaid match. Without it, Gov. Jennifer Granholm has warned there will be huge cuts to the social safety net.

— Judy Putnam


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